Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sugarfina Opens in Beverly Hills

Sugerfina just opened in Beverly Hills and its as a friend of mine has said the Tiffany's of candy. Its between Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream Lab so its almost BH's sweet row. Inside its decked out in a lot of white and blue. Its nice to know its a family run shop and watching the owners kids work diligently was a little heartwarming. If you are going to park I suggest you do so in the city lot down the street which is free for 2 hours.
Inside Sugarfina you will find things you wont see at any other candy store. They have a candy concierge....even if I am not sure what they do.... The candy is almost all sold in little plastic cubes. It almost reminds me of collectible toys. While Sugerfina carries all kinds of candies they focus on gummies. SOme gummies like their champagne and ale gummies are made exclusively for them (the champagne ones are excellent) But why stop at gummies? They carry some scary realistic candy that looks like wedding rings, miniature typewriters. etc.  If its your first time I would suggest buying from their two dollar sampling bar. I am really curious to see this project evolve.

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