Monday, November 25, 2013

Real French Crepes in Irvine: Crispa Crepes

Irvine is really moving on up in the culinary scene. It seems like more and more gourmet food places have been opening there recently. EASC has covered Creamistry, and  Gaufree  now there's Crispa Crepes. Crispa Crepes was opened by Hadrien Curs after he came from France to California for school. The focus of Crispa Crepes is a fast, nutritious meal. The owners hope that in time they may be able to open a few more locations throughout the OC 
Inside Crispa Crepes you can tell its run by a guy with a history in architecture. With its vaulted ceilings, unique lights and European art Crispa Crepes stands out from a lot of chain restaurants found in Orange County.  But for the most part I could care less. Like any restaurant the focus is always the food. Crispa Crepe has both savory and sweet crepes. I  feel that their savory crepes are their forte
Interestingly enough Crispa Crepes offers two types of crepes. The ones everyone knows and a rolled burrito style crepe. The owners feel the burrito style rolled crepe is actually better because you get more layers of flavor while you are eating. Their classic ham and cheese crepe (with Gruyere) was tasty. I almost was expected a burrito from the looks of it rolled in foil.  But their Greek crepe with grilled chicken, olives, feta cheese, and other components was my favorite taste of the day. They also make their own hazelnut spread for their dessert crepes! (cough cough Nutella) Overall Crispa Crepes brings some culture that Irvine really needs to be taken seriously in Southern California's tough culinary scene.

making the crepes

Greek rolled crepe 

Middle Eastern original crepe 

Ham and cheese rolled (burrito style)

Greek no wrapper 

Hazelnut and strawberry crepe 

Making crepes! 


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