Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mulberry Street Pizza Over 20 Years Of Service

Mulberry Street pizza has been around for a while. In the restaurant game they have been around forever. Over 20 years in fact.  Seeing as they have been serving NYC style slices for that long I decided to check out their Beverly Hills location. I decided on what I was told their most popular slices BBQ chicken and lasagna. Yes a lasagna pizza slice. But first came garlic knots. These are simply dough brushed with garlic butter. Not bad but if I am eating pizza dough there better be melted cheese on top. The lasagna slice was interesting. I am sure many people would be pissed about ricotta being on a pizza but it works with the slice. Theres not too much and with the sliced meatball it does remind you of lasagna. The BBQ chicken was good also. I am not so hot on the idea of sweet non dessert foods so the BBQ sauce was a little much for me (I like a savory leaning BBQ) sauce. Overall Mulberry Street is a very NYC styled pizza shop and you can tell the owner used to call NY home. 

BBQ chicken 

Lasagna pizza 


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