Monday, November 25, 2013

King's Row Gastropub Launches a New Menu

I told someone I was going to check out King's Row Gastropub in Pasadena and their response was "that place? Their menu is boring" And maybe it was but then again I never went there before Chef Sundeep Vohra was head Chef. Sundeep (goes by Sunny) is an inquisitive sort. H asks questions and writes things down when you have an idea he wants to explore further. Recently he made alpaca head cheese (its the stuff off a animals head compressed if I am going to simplify it) with the blogger from Trippy Food . What I am saying is hes excited about food and what it can be and it rubs off on you. 
With Sunny's new menu hes trying a lot of experimentation. There's a burger on there...but you don't come for a burger. Being Indian Sunny's background influences his dishes. He makes a cheese stuffed garlic naan bread that might be illegal in some conservative countries. Hes experimenting with smoking and has a smoked/fried baby potato dish with a beer cheese sauce. Its not perfect buts one of the most unique potato dishes I have ever had. Recently he told me about a possible Al Pastor curry? I cant wait to see what he brings to King's Row next. Look out for this guy. 

Open face steak sandwich 

Smoked and fried potatoes with cheese/beer sauce

The must get cheese garlic naan bread 

Chef Sunny at work

Chef Sundeep Vohra 

Bone marrow plate. 

Cauliflower with chimichurri

Mussels with chorizo 

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