Wednesday, November 27, 2013

GoGreek! Brings Greek Yogurt to Beverly Hills

Go Greek! Is a new yogurt place in Beverly Hills...the difference? They use Greek yogurt thats shipped from Greece in the past 24 hours. Honestly? I thought it was bullshit. I mean what difference does the time they get the yogurt make? Why does it have to be from Greece? Why would anyone want to go to a non frozen yogurt shop? But then the owner gave me some of the yogurt and I shut up. This is truly a unique place in L.A's culinary makeup. Maybe its the cows grass diet in Greece or maybe its that the Greeks know how to make Greek yogurt the best (shocking idea am I right?) 
At GoGreek! They have three types of Greek yogurt, frozen yogurt, and a ton of toppings plus gift boxes for sale. I sampled all three yogurts. All of them were great (0, 2, and 10 percent fat) The toppings are amazing. They have sour cherry preserves, preserved carrot, and three types of Greek honey to name a few of the options. After tasting some of the choices you will be happy they have some of the best stuff available to purchase. They take pride in their savory yogurt offerings and I was told it was amazing. I am not a cucumber fan so I didn't try it. If you try the frozen yogurt I would stick with the honey. It has a touch of their honey mixed into it (commercial mix with some of their yogurt mixed in) its really good stuff but I wound up sticking to the original yogurt. 
Obviously the owners take great pride in what they do and believe in their product enough to have moved from Greece to set up shop not far from Rodeo Drive. I like the fact that they get their yogurt every 24 hours because they believe thats the best they can offer their customers.  Its a nice standard they hold themselves to. Anyways check them out. Try the sour cherry (my favorite topping )and the carrot (its good but I think a little unusual) Tell them you saw them on Eating Around So Cal! 

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