Friday, November 22, 2013

Del Taco Has a New Line of Burritos! #Sponorsed

Del Taco invited me to try their new burritos at my local location this week. Seeing as Del Taco is my go to fast food place I was happy to do so. They have three new burritos. The fajita, the steak and potato, and the chicken ranch.  The fajita seems to be them going after the Chipotle market. Its not a bad burrito at all and I would describe it as a typical steak burrito at even comes with guacamole.  The steak and potato was my favorite! I got it without bacon...because yeah I guess I am insane. Anyways its basically a Cali burrito (fries instead of rice) it comes with a southwestern sauce, cheese, bacon and the fries/steak.  The last one was the ranch chicken....I dont like ranch much. My dinning companion loves ranch and said it was great. It has ranch, bacon, cheese, and rice. I know I will get a steak and fry burrito again! 
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