Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Night of Wines and Exotic Meats: A Dinner with Charlie Palmer and Bracey Vineyards

I was invited to Charlie Palmer in the O.C. for a special dinner and I would have had to been stupid to say anything but yes. It was a night of wines and exotic meats with Bracey Vineyards.  Chef Seakyeong Kim had put together a menu that was for a more adventurous eater. From the first course of octopus salad with kelp noodles we went to the meat! We started off with venison sausage. This was my favorite dish. If Chef Seakyeong ever decides to start his own line of sausages he has my endorsement I regret not asking if he has used any other animal fat making them. Next the fillet of bison served with sunchokes and a chimichurri sauce was excellent. I would have liked my meat a little more well done but I know bison is a very lean meat. We then got to the Kobe beef tongue in mole. I have have mole more than most people and this one was very good. The bitterness from the chocolate and the spices in the mole matched with the sweetness of the beef. I will say I didnt think the rice matched well with the dish. Maybe a potato....  All the courses were paired with wines from Bracey. I dont drink but I was told over the night from my dinning companions how great all the wines were. We finished with a  cranberry and chocolate tart and I will hand it to the Chef...I am not a huge cranberry fan but I ate all of the mousse part (the bottom was solid dark chocolate and I would have been awake all night) Overall it was a great dinner and I got to experience how great Charlie Palmer is. 

Chef Seakyeong Kim
Bison with puree of sunchokes

Cranberry tart

Kobe beef tongue in mole 

Olive and cranberry bread 

Venison sausage 


The owner of Bracey Wines

Octopus salad 

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