Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Night of Amazing Seafood at Shiro Restaurant

Shiro restaurant is a classic French/Japanese restaurant in South Pasadena that's been around over 25 years. In the restaurant game that's pretty amazing. Sherrill Baliey is the owner now working her way up the restaurant until she took over for the founder. The nice thing about Shiro? Ok so the first nice thing I am going to mention about Shiro? Seven minute walk from the Gold line to their front door. If you haven't been to South Pasadena its a nice neighborhood to walk through.
Walking in to Shiro you can see that its filled with regulars. While most people dress up for a meal here I was told that casual wear is no problem they just want people to enjoy their food. And that's a easy task. The kitchen gets in early just to prepare all the labor intensive dishes. Picking crab by hand, filleting fish, and shucking oysters. They don't have a lunch service because of that. Every day they make a new menu depending on what's fresh at the market.
I have to say that Chef Mota knows his flavors. Every dish was well executed. Hell I didn't even know what John Dory fish was (its a odd looking Australian fish) before I ate here. The lamb chops are expertly grilled here. I like that they just do them right and don't ask how you want them (they only works if you are able to knock it out of the park every time though) The aforementioned John Dory is served is a beautiful bright chive sauce and you will be soaking the sauce up with your bread (you may run out of bread soaking things up). They also serve a tasty truffle ravioli pictured below but they do fish so well I would stick to that. Finally I got to try the curry pan fried oysters with a champagne sauce. Amazing. Best oysters I have ever had. You will just throw each one down in a simple bite. The crispy coating they get on these is insane. 
While eating its was interesting to learn this business inspires loyalty. Most employees have been there over a decade easy. Everyone working loves their job and their coworkers and is proud of what they do every night. To finish the night I got chestnut cream cake and its worth going in for just that. Its the best dessert I have tried in South Pasadena yet. If you go mention to the owner you saw her place on Eating Around So Cal! 

Where it all starts if you take the Gold Line 

The front 

Lamb chop over potato

John Dory fish in chive sauce

Truffle ravioli 

Curry pan fried oysters 


A menu

The kitchen. Its spotless 

Chestnut cream cake


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