Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vegan Treats of the Middle East and More: Z Garden By The Sea Opens

Z Garden already had one location in Santa Monica but when a old cupcake shop near Third Street opened up  owner Chedi snapped it up.  What was once a gaudy failing cupcake shop is now a intimately lit darkened wood paneled Mediterranean restaurant.  The unique thing about this restaurant is how its run. They have free breakfast sometimes. The menu is nearly half vegan. Yes for a cuisine that has a lot of grilled meats owner Chdi prefers his vegetables.  And there are serious options. Like stuffed grape leaves, falafel, multiple salads etc. Then they brought out a hunk of lamb and I forgot all about that stuff.  Served with their rice the lamb was great. While a occasional kabab was overcooked I enjoyed those too. The must try item is their feta cheese wrapped in pastry and fried. Its something you are meant to chew and savor and is for salty cheese lovers.  If you go make sure to mention Eating Around So Cal! 


Steak kabab 

chicken kabab 

The house rice 

Roasted hunk of lamb! 

Grape leaves these are served cold 



Fried Feta cheese in dough 

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