Friday, October 18, 2013

Tiptoing Between New and Old: Phan55 in Fullerton

Phan55 is a causal Vietnamese restaurant in the Fullerton and Irvine. Despite fitting into the causal category the atmosphere is that of a upscale restaurant inside, complete with a open kitchen. Owner Ryan is trying to breach the old with the new attracting both traditional Vietnamese customers and those who aren't familiar with the cuisine. While there are dishes like the traditional Pho (a dish made with spices and bone marrow) they also have twists on traditional dishes like their Ha Noi Fish. Traditionally this is made with Catfish and you pick the bones out...not going to work with Americans. For Phan55 they take a boneless fillet and cook it with tamarind and spices and serve it with lettuce wraps. Its great. Sipping on their house ginger pomegranate lemonade I enjoyed dishes varying from their tofu (I don't like tofu but it wasn't bad) the wings, and the house Pho (which you can get with tendon in Irvine). Overall I was really impressed with what Ryan and his family have done with such a small space. If you see Ryan tell him EASC sent you! And get the fish.

Lettuce wraps

The fish! 


house wings



pho (sounds like pha)

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