Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mushroom....Gelato? A Special Dinner at La Botte Santa Monica

La Botte  is a special place. Chef Stefano De Lorenzo takes food very seriously and its shown in every dish. La Botte is a small place but you shouldn't overlook it if you are in the area. Eating Around So Cal was recently invited to cover a very special one day only event at La Botte called Chef Squared. Through 10 courses Chef Lorenzo collaborated with chef Morihiro Onodera to make some amazing Italian/Japanese fusion cuisine.
With dishes ranging from applewood smoked trout in a box to oxtail with daikon to mushroom gelato it was an amazing meal that showcased both chefs amazing culinary range. I admit I did think how some of the dishes would work in taco form...(sorry chef its how my head works)

Mushroom Gelato. I am glad I tried it...but I am never going to crave this 

Oxtail with daikon and Nasturtium (leaf and flower)

Branzino (an Italian favorite fish) in tomato broth 

Almond sorbet. One of the best sorbets I have had. 

Duck ravioli with grilled grape  

wagu beef lasagna 

short rice truffle risotto 

Chef Lorenzo

Applewood smoked trout with morel  mushrooms 

Mushrooms in parmesan broth (one of the few dishes I was not a huge fan of)

Abalone and cucumber wrapped crab

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