Sunday, October 20, 2013

Molecular Gastronomy and....Popsicles? The Ice Bar in West Covina.

The Ice Bar is relatively new just not as new as I usually get to places. In my defense it is in West Covina which seems to turn people off when you just mention it (unlike its hot sister Covina I guess.) Owner Eugene Mar wanted to be a Chef his entire life, when he had the opportunity to purchase a failed yogurt shop he spent his life saving, sold his car, and dove in headfirst.
The first thing you may notice inside The Ice Bar is that its a modern look. White crisp with touches of cool colors. But really I am not there for that. Or the Japanese/Chinese drinks. Or the Fosselman's Ice Cream (and may I say I think LA's ice cream scene has so much better to offer.) You come for the popsicles. Eugene offers around 5 a day with rotating specials and seasonal pops.
With flavors like green tea mochi, asian pear blueberry, and strawberry lemonade I knew this was either going to be good or a total miss. I was wrong on both counts. What The Ice Bar is making is one of LA's most unique and impressive desserts. Eugene is bringing molecular gastronomy to the masses. With his gels, powders, and pastes he makes every pop he sells a masterpiece. You getting a strawberry lemonade? That comes with a strawberry gel, fesh herbs, and pop rocks. He is particularly proud of his bacon powder which he makes himself.
But all the chemicals and flash dont answer the simple question is it good? Eugene understands that behind all the techniques The Ice Bar uses there has to be solid flavor combinations. He uses real fruit he hand selects and cuts himself for every dish. The strawberry lemonade pop lacks the bitterness you will find in other desserts because he takes the time to cut away the pith (the nasty bitter part of a lemon.) Seriously this place needs more exposure...and I need another pop.
Pumpkin. The is a seasonal pop

Green Tea



Owner Eugene

Strawberry Lemonade Pop 

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  1. This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it next time I'm in West Covina :).