Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Liquid Nitrogen in the O.C.: Creamistry Opens in Irvine

Ever wanted to make your own ice cream? Yes you could get salt...sugar...cream...all that other stuff and make it the old fashioned way. But these days people want things fast. Enter the new movement liquid nitrogen ice cream which gives you custom ice cream in seconds. The newest player to the budding nitro ice cream scene is Creamistry.  The owner was in Asia and noticed them making ice cream with liquid nitrogen on a street cart. Creamistry itself is a little more advanced than a street cart. It has a lab feel with beakers, test tubes and a white sterile color. You pick an ice cream base, flavorings, and toppings. You can get ice cream or sorbet. I preferred the ice cream options.  Another nice thing about LN ice cream is the lack of ice crystals because they haven't had time to form from churning. If you go tell them you heard about them from Eating Around So Cal! 

Pistachio ice cream 

Strawberry sorbet

The owner 

Outside Creamistry 

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