Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kal's Bistro New Menu Items

Kal's Bistro  is a relatively new American/Middle Eastern fusion restaurant near Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. Its a few minutes from the metro line also.  Recently Kal's introduced some new dishes. They include a lamb kebab and a mushroom pasta. If you aren't familiar with the rice served with the kebab at Kal's you can think of it as almost really high end Rice A Roni (they had to get the idea from somewhere right?) Their mushroom pasta is filled with mushrooms, squash and cauliflower. Besides the squash not being my favorite (I don't feel it adds anything to the dish) I enjoyed it. It is great for mushroom lovers.  Still even with the new items my favorite dish is their Chicken Milanese which is a crispy fried pounded chicken, greens, carrots, with a lemon creme sauce if its your first time here I would suggest this.  Did I mention all their ice cream is made in house with amazing flavors? But thats another post. 

Mushroom pasta 


Chicken Milanese

The entire interior was redone when Kal opened

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