Friday, October 4, 2013

From Steel and Rubber to Bricks and Mortar. TLT Food Opens in Downtown Los Angeles.

Don't say food trucks in Los Angeles died. I say they evolved. The best trucks on the road in LA always seem to evolve into storefronts. There's Get Shaved, Kogi, and Ragin Cajun. If you look at Food Network's Great Food Truck Race winner list 100 percent of its winners now have brick and mortar locations (this doesn't include the most recent winner Aloha Plate seeing as they literally just won.) So it makes sense that season 2's winner the Lime Truck would be going on to bigger things. And they did. Lime truck partner Daniel Shemtob  has created a new dining destination in DTLA called TLT Food. 

Its a tiny space but they utilize every inch of it. They serve American food with a bit of a Latin influence you could say they serve L.A. cuisine.  With a good menu you can reuse a item again and again in different ways which keeps your kitchen costs lower and your food fresher, you can see this at TLT with their short rib (literally all over the menu) and its a good thing because the short rib is great. The shortrib is in sliders, quesadillas, and tacos.  Other items include Shishito Peppers which are served with a ponzu sauce (think citrus soy sauce) which was my favorite thing on their menu. They are mild enough for me to eat a basket with no water but because occasionally one can be hot I would be careful if you are sensitive to heat. Seriously TLT should make a grilled cheese/quesadilla with them. 

I loved their take on street corn with cojita cheese and chipotle aioli. Its messy and it makes me wonder why you don't see more places in LA doing stuff with ears of corn (seriously why is that?) But my favorite dish at TLT is their dessert which may get its inspiration from the Lime Truck...the lime panna cotta. Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that to put it simple is like a fancy milk based jello. Done right its silky smooth in texture. TLT does a lime panna cotta and its the best panna cotta I have ever had (granted this is not a dessert that til now I have been seeking out.) If you love the acidic bite and tang of limes as much as I do this is a dessert for you. Honestly I did not have a single bad dish at TLT. Maybe there's one I missed (I don't do salads) but Daniel seems to know what hes doing. 

225 W. 7th St.

Los AngelesCA 90014


The manager shes awesome! Holding lime panna cotta

Close up lime panna cotta

Caramelized  Brussels sprouts. Tip get beano before eating these

The peppers. You cant eat just one.

Daniel uses a tomatillo salsa which is a nice twist. This is a shortrib quesadilla

Surprising the sliders here are light! On King Hawaiian bread

The wings here are way bigger than most commercial wings.

Crab grilled cheese. They is a stomach bomb 

Pulled pork taco.

Short rib taco

street corn 

I was told this is instant death 


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