Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fine Dining in a Alley: The Daily Dose Cafe in LA's Art District

The Daily Dose Cafe is a hidden gem. I mean that literally. You will be driving through the Arts District. You may come across one or two illegal fly by night taco stands. Then you notice a corner of a street in this industrial area....a lot of cars are going that way. Out of the urban decay that's a thriving restaurant scene on  Industrial St. Walking down it you find there's an alley....and in that alley you find one of LA's most uniquely placed restaurants The Daily Dose cafe. First thing you are going to notice walking up is the change from industrial to soft European almost feel. The street goes from neglected concrete to relaxed paver stones. There's plants all around you. Inside The Daily Dose is small but you are meant to enjoy the hidden oasis  outside while you eat. Dishes are elegantly simple here. Pork belly with vegetables. Leg of lamb with grilled corn. It fits the rustic feel of the cafe. 
 1820 Industrial St #104, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Roasted pork belly, fruit sauce reduction with roasted sweet potatoes. 

Leg of lamb, poached onion, quinoa, snap peas, and grilled sweet corn. 

Chef carving 

carving a leg of lamb 

Yes its a very special space 

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