Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dinner at BALEEN Kitchen! New Menu.

BALEEN Kitchen  invited EASC in to checkout their renovated space/new menu right on the Redondo Beach harbor.  The space is huge! They literally have space they almost never use because its that big (party idea?) This place even has its own area with fire pits and you can eat in the Hotel next door while looking at the ocean. Me? I was happy to eat my food in the restaurant and look at the boats. BK head chef is actually Basque (but strange to me named Richard?) and so there's a tapas influence to some of the dishes.
My favorite dish of all was their Papas Bravas which is crispy potatoes in a red sauce served in a skillet. As a Irish guy I could have literally just eaten these potatoes. Crispy outside, buttery inside and a spicy red sauce complimenting it all. Seeing as you are eating on the ocean you got to have seafood and I tried several things. My favorite seafood items were the chowder which had a nice smokiness from the bacon and the lobster mac and cheese because...its lobster mac and cheese!  My least favorite seafood dish was the calamari but hey not every single item is going to be a home run. 
Dessert wise BK is on point. I had their cast iron baked bread pudding. It takes 10 minutes for this bad boy so you expect it to be special and it doesn't disappoint. It comes on in the skillet with house made gelato. The pecan gelato compliments the hot already covered in nuts pudding really well. Really this is a two person dessert, perfect for a date. The Pain Perdu (french toast) was another dessert item but it would be great for a breakfast. Its served with cream and strawberries. However it does not beat the bread pudding. I am a little bread pudding obsessed....

Outdoor fire pits 

View from the lounge 

pain perdu

Cast iron bread pudding with house gelato 

Bucket of clams 

Loaded chips 

Tuna tacos 

Sliders. Pork and lobster 

\Their house wings

clam chowder 

Chinese orange salad 

The damage. Ughhh 

Meat and cheese board 


Tapas style shrimp 

Smoked fish dip 

Lobster mac and cheese 


Tapas potatoes. My favorite dish. 


The boats outside 


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