Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A New Waffle In the O.C.: Gaufree Artisan Waffle Sandwiches Opens In Irvine

The Hortogbayi family takes waffles seriously. And whatever you do don't mention the other waffle place in town. If you don't know already the color combination of Red, Yellow and Black are the national colors of Belgium and you are going to see them the entire time you are at Gaufree. The thing that EASC cares about is the food.

The menu focuses on a core selection of waffle sandwiches. They also have artisan house cane sugar sodas, salads,and desserts which include McConnell' ice cream. The waffles are great they are super light and the focus seems to be making the waffle to be a great supporting character for whatever its a vehicle for carrying. The molasses chicken sandwich makes the chef proud you can tell. And he should be because you could be told its a old southern family recipe and you would be stupid to doubt him. With a shot of the hot sauce on the tables you will be eating one of EASC's favorite chickens sandwiches in the O.C.

Then its time for dessert. The family is proud that they carry  McConnell' ice cream a family owned ice cream place from Santa Barbara that started artisan ice cream before it was cool. With flavors like Roadside Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Orange you know it cant be bad. But if you are at a waffle place you need to get a waffle for all your courses. That's where the Peanut Butter Pie waffle comes in. This waffle has peanut butter cream, crushed Oreos, whipped cream, and bananas (I got mine banana free) its a great dessert sandwich and the nice yeasty component of the waffle complimented the filling nicely. Its nice to talk to the family running Gaüfreé  and see that quality is so important to them. Don't ask about franchises because they are not happening. Its all in the family.

   3851-A Alton Parkway Irvine, California 92606

Father and son co owners

the chicken sandwich 



McConnell's Ice Cream


sugar cane sodas 


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