Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013 Taste of Mexico

The 2013 Taste of Mexico was a huge success. With some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles the food was amazing. Best dishes included Guerilla Tacos swordfish belly taco and Duro Restaurant's trotter taco with pickled onions. My only complaint would be seating would be nice next year. Overall the event was very well ran and the choice of taking the train in is always a nice option. The VIP hour was great to be able to take your time and actually take the chefs/owners of each booth.

The swordfish belly taco from Guerilla Tacos. Amazing. 

Cue the Critic 

The light show was cool.

Ricky's Fish Tacos 

Ricky of Ricky's Fish Tacos 

The genius of Guerilla Tacos 

Sysco served a good barbacoa taco 

Duro taco. Its pigs feet with pickled red onion 

Love this guy! 

Smelt taco 

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