Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Los Angeles CHOCOLATE SALON

The 2013 Los Angeles Chocolate Salon was held (strangely) in Pasadena on Oct 6th. The festival had improved quite a bit from previous years with minimal lines (with the exception of Amara Chocolate.) There were there stands that...stood out.  Amara Chocolate is EASC fav  they had a giant line that went almost through the entire hall. Marco Paolo Chocolates was there and the man makes truffles like artists make portraits. The man has a gift. With flavor combos like coconut cilantro you know the man is gifted.  Finally the brittle girls over at Toffee Talk  were the most pleasant new people I talked to the entire festival.  They have a wide variety of toffees and I will have to try them all at some point. My only criticism of the festival was I surprised that at a event essentially to network and build up your product brand a lot of places didn't event want to talk to EASC. Oh well always next year! 


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  1. We loved meeting you yesterday and look forward to following your blog. See you next time we hit LA!