Wednesday, September 4, 2013

L.A.'s Best Taco? Mexicali Taco in LA

Some would say Mexicali is the best taco place place in LA. Hell they have won awards for it! It took me long enough but one weekend I headed out there with a singular goal to try their pastor, my favorite taco. 
They have a nice place near DTLA. Now the parking sucks but seeing as its LA thats a given near downtown. Inside its really open clean and simple with the layout. I got excited and didn't notice the salsa bar in the corner its a good one so don't miss out. Mexicali has a small menu. They really focus on a core menu that has only three meats. I got pastor (marinated pork thats spit cooked and then cooked on a flattop grill) now sometimes this taco is served with pineapple....which isn't my favorite preparation but Mexicali killed it. Truly one of the best pastor tacos I have ever had. Their Zuperman is kinda like a quesadilla but its meat focused instead of cheese and it includes all three meats they serve. Needless to say it was a meaty masterpiece. While waiting for my food I learned all their tortillas are flour (if you aren't a taco person thats pretty unique) and they import them from Mexico regularly.   Besides Juan's Restaurante in Baldwin Park they serve the most innovative Agua Fresca's  I have seen. I am getting hungry just typing this. 

Pastor taco. Really one of the best I have ever had. 

Barley Agua Fresca. I wasnt sure about this but it was pretty good a little like horchata 

Food blogger Golden State Gourmaud. Mexican food expert. 

The Zuperman. Think super meaty quesadilla with three meats 

The owner. The guy can cook. 

Blueberry/Jamaica Agua Fresca. I dont like Jamaica much so this surprised me liking it. 

 Agua Frescas

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