Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tifa Chocolate & Gelato Opens in Agoura Hills

Tifa is a community kind of shop. Honeslty if you arent a member of the community you may miss this gem and just drive on by. Once a small place Tifa has moved to a newer spacious spot in Agoura Hills right off the freeway. The owner named the shop after her Aunt. Its a family run place with her kids in charge of the gelato and the chocolate.. Don't think they don't know what they are doing. Her daughter has studied with masters of gelato and  her son is serious about chocolate. Which if you spend any time speaking with the owner Denise  you know he gets it from her.  You shouldn't expect any Hersey chocolate here. You will find single origin bars that are produced in artisan micro batches.  But all of that is secondary to me to the gelato. Its good stuff. OK so I have a rule against doing this but...its the best gelato I have had in LA.  They are generous with their samples and you should try anything they offer you. Prepare for a sugar high.  

They make their own truffles. 

Simple hand rolled truffle 

broken truffle 

Carmel truffle inside shot 

The gelato! 

One of the friendliest owners ever 

coco beans 

Strawberry and lemon gelato work great together 

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