Saturday, August 10, 2013

San Diego: Donut Bar

Donut Bar in DT San Diego may be new but its already making waves. They are producing as much as their small kitchen can make everyday and most days they are selling out before its time for lunch. What makes Donut Bar different? Its Chef/owner Santiago Campa commitment to raising the profile of the donut. Theres no industrial chemicals and stabilizers here. Ask him about his product and he may raise a donut to your eye level so you can see the specks of vanilla in each one. With flavors like Reese's  and a smashed donut waffle this guy is elevating donuts in a way not seen before on the West Coast (sorry Voodoo Donuts)

chocolate bacon bar 

Red velvet 


Peanut butter cup 

Santiago Campa

Apple pie 

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