Thursday, August 8, 2013

OSEK Opens In Old Town Pasadena

Osek is a new Korean restaurant in Old Town Pasadena. Its name represents colors in Korean. Their theme is the health benefits found in vegetable colors. Personally I stuck mostly to meats (they did have colors in the meat dishes as well). My favorite dish was  the flaming short rib! (its fire you cant go wrong with fire) Its interesting that they dont have grills at the table. Seeing as most Korean restaurant exposure for people in LA is KBBQ I hope OSEK shows them some new aspects of Korean cuisine. 

This is a ricecake. I know I didnt believe it myself 

I was a fan of their sweet crispy wings 

Seafood pancake a lot of people loved this but I didnt 

Glass noodles pretty tasty! 

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