Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LA Food and Wine 2013 What a Weekend!

LA Food and Wine 2013 was a amazing weekend!  I only wish I could have attended more of the events. The Grand Tasting was pretty amazing. I had no idea Los Angeles Center Studios even existed but it was a great spot for several of the events.  There were some amazing dishes (and a few not so amazing) Laura Werlin came out with a buffalo mac and cheese and you could see why she has  won a James Beard award http://www.laurawerlin.com . They had amazing chefs like Morimoto show up! I was amazed that they had a dish with shaved truffles! Next year I have to go to every event they have. It was seriously that good.

buffalo mac and cheese 

fried chicken lollypop 

Georgetown Cupcakes! 


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