Saturday, February 4, 2012

koo koo kachoo

I have a guardian angel.
They dont do much....but when it comes to getting to try new out of the way food experiences it does wonders.

The Koo's Sweet Rice Pancake Ho-tteok Cart would be one of those places.

A native Korean dessert for a dollar? Who could pass trying that?

This was the cart.

Its only there at night so I thought I would never be in the area when it was around.

Its in front of the market. by the exit.

The "pancakes" are disks of rice flour that are dusted with sugar and stuffed with caramelized gooey brown sugar. Eating them hot is a must.

You can find the truck most nights at  4317 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004


  1. The first time I had this was at a friends house. Her mom made it and served it to us for dinner. She didn't want us to go out to eat so she made this.

    I think it's delicious...

  2. I don't think she called it koo koo kachoo