Thursday, January 26, 2012

Welcome to Eating Around So Cal. A Foodie Blog for Southern California!

Hi and welcome to EASC! My name is Michael and I am the editor of Eating Around So Cal. I hope you enjoy the blog. We put a lot of blood (OK not really) sweat (its So Cal it does get hot) and tears (onions) into this blog and hope that you the reader love it.

Dont love it? Please tell us why. I mean if its something we can fix. I'm going to be me and theres not much I can do about that and I cant afford plastic surgery.... Anyways we love to cover events and happenings around California so please if you know of any let us know. We try to tell our fans about all the happenings going around food wise so lets network!

Are you a business? Want EASC to come in or maybe check out something you are doing? Well we are good at that. Please check the contact buttons found on the front page! Thanks for reading!



  1. Hello Michael W!

    I did it!

    I left Yelp.

    One day, rather than just thinking about it, I did it!!!!!

    OK, do you have my e-mail address? I am sure I sent it to you in my going away message. The problem was that Yelp kept messing up and some people may not have received theirs if they're in the middle of the alphabet.

  2. I'm still at Yelp---but protesting LOL GOD I HATE the captchas!!!!