Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Koreatown's Next Hotspot? Horse's Mouth

Charlie Yusta is Chef's Chef. Before Horse's Mouth he started a national catering company that still does star studded events nightly. As the new owner of Koreatown's Horse's Mouth he is bringing the same level of dedication and passion to the former Iota Coffee space on Western.

So what is Horse's Mouth? Well if you ask Charlie he is excited about the raw bar/oysters. He is trying to bring in rare oysters people don't get to try very often. Do not expect one dollar oysters when he brings you a New Zealand oyster topped with pickled red onions. 

Strange enough Horse's Mouth is the kind of restaurant I expect some people to hate. The menu is very small. One dish the yellow curry with mussels will definitely clear out your nose (don't let Grandma order it) and its the only mussel dish I have ever actually liked. Yet  online reviews have been praising Horse's Head. 

Charlie tells me that he makes everything here from scratch down to the hot sauce paste they serve with the duck leg with Chinese pancakes (which is great but so is most everything.)

So yes. Try everything. Bring friends and share (if you can bring yourself to) . Get Charlie to tell you how they use freshly killed lobsters to make their lobster rolls instead of the mechanically process lobster meat most places use. 

Go before the crowds find it. 

                                            528 S. Western Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020


Yellow curry mussels 

Fried duck leg 


lobster roll 

raw bar

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Check Out This Taco Spot Gem

"Discovering" taco stands seems to be a thing these days in LA.

With LA's abundance of illegal street taco spots, taquerias, and taco trucks an authentic taco is not hard to find these days. A great taco? That's a little harder.

 The Spot Car Wash is not a place I can recommend for anything car related but after six it becomes one of the neighborhoods hot spots.

Most likely you are going to be in line waiting for this little street taco spot. What drives people to come to this ugly stretch of Western in South Los Angeles? Well here they try a little harder.

The tortillas here are made to order. They are a little uneven and have little scorch marks on them.

They do their carne asada the right way. If you pay attention there's a small charcoal smoker they are dumping hardwood charcoal into, just for the beef.

So come check it out. Try a asada taco with a little of their housemade habanero salsa.

Don't like it? Well it's only 1.25.

Let us know on our channels what you think of this spot!

                                              6522 S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90047

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Brentwood Gets a Artisan Greek Yogurt Shop

Move over Yogurtland. Moo Greek Yogurt has opened in Brentwood.

Owner  Zorbay Ozdilek has had yogurt in his blood with his family being from Greece. Zorbay (who I told really should be selling sorbet) is from Turkey (and that's why he sells a hardcore Turkish coffee in his shop.)

Moo offers a few different options to get your Greek yogurt fix. You have you traditional savory and sweet options with 0 and 4 percent fat content. You can get a vegan option....but we aren't going to mention it.

Moo makes a in house Greek yogurt ice cream that's definitely worth trying. It has a fat content a bit higher than 4 because Zorbay mixes cream into the mix. It's tangy and smooth and with fresh berries a real contender against LA's ice cream scene.

Zorbay plans to add milkshakes, fro yo, and smoothies soon. If you see milkshakes added drop us a line!

Again seriously try the ice cream option.

                                    11753 San Vicente Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90049

Greek yogurt ice cream

the owner

                                                                    Savory yogurt options

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pasadena Gets an Amazing New Fried Chicken Spot Today

If you ask Chef Sunny Vohra about fried chicken be prepared to stick around a while. The man has strong opinions about this American classic, and he has been all over LA trying chicken from just about everywhere. 

The reason? Sunny is the Exe Chef of KIng's Row Gastropub in Pasadena and today their new menu drops. It's a love letter to America's obsession with fried poultry. 

The new menu at King's Row is small. Its only one side of a sheet of paper and a good portion of that is explaining the sauce options for the fried chicken. There's a few sides and two salads.

You can get your chicken in tender, sandwich, or wing form. 

I would say go with the tenders/sandwich. It's where you can try Sunny's research on breading/seasoning. The tenders in Sunny's words "are freaking huge."

The fried chicken here really shines. Its brined perfectly and is moist despite being white meat for most pieces. The hot chicken option is the way to go for a sandwich if you want a suggestion. 

While the chicken may be the best fried chicken in Pasadena, the mac and cheese here is the best one I have had in a restaurant in a while. It's a strong blend of cheeses blended into a velvety smooth sauce. You will want to dip almost everything you eat into the leftover sauce. 

You may want to hit the gym the next day. 

20 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91103

classic wings 

mac and cheese


cheese stuffed naan 

fried chicken sandwich 

cobb salad

Friday, July 22, 2016

FIG's New Summer Menu is Red Hot.

FIG in Santa Monica has a new menu with its relatively new Chef  Yousef Ghalaini
.Located in downtown Santa Monica minutes from the ocean FIG is inside the beautiful  Fairmont Miramar Hotel right next to the pool.

There are a few must get items on the new Summer menu at FIG.  Chef Ghalaini is from Lebanon and  it's reflected in his cooking. There are a lot of Lebanese and Mediterranean flavors with his dishes.

The lamb pizza is a must get. It's a Instagram ready pie that’s bright red from the seasoned lamb sausage (called Merguez)that Chef tops the pizza along with mint, yogurt, and pickled red onions!. While it's not hot it’s a spice rich pie.

Usually you don't see olives staring in a dish but with FIG's warm olives they are center stage. With olive some spices, herbs, and salt these olives are roasted and served hot. Its hard to eat just one. 

Spicy fries are just fries tossed with a tasty harissa power (a North African chile blend) but the real jewel is Yousef's family recipe for Toum. Its a sauce/paste that's similar to garlic sauce but also has lemon. It's like a fantastic garlic lemon sauce with a citrus bite. I implored him to bottle and sell this and he is looking into it. I would get this sauce to use on almost everything on the menu (hint hint pizza.)

Try to get a table looking out at the pool if you can. 

101 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

marinated whole fish 

warm olives

spicy fries

Shishito Peppers 

lamb shank 

lamb pizza