Monday, October 17, 2016

Tiato - Kitchen Bar Garden Debuts its Fall Catering Menu

Tiato is tucked into a corner of Santa Monica far removed from the hustle and bustle of Third Street. Next to the offices of production studios like Lionsgate, Tiato is a busy lunch spot.  In the evening though it gets transformed into a venue for parties, birthdays etc.

Why would you care about some random space in Santa Monica? Its run by the family behind Crustacean, and   House of An basically the kings of classy Asian food in Beverly Hills.

Don't know about House of An? Their garlic noodles are so guarded by the family they have a secret kitchen inside a few of their restaurants where only a few select family members are allowed to prepare special dishes.

The fall offerings are great. They have a chicken soup dumpling that could give Din Tai Fung a run for its dumpling money.

The noodles of course are a must have. They pack a umani punch with a unique blend of secret ingredents, garlic, and parmesan cheese!

Sriracha meatballs are moist little morsels. Usually I think Sriracha is a overhyped sauce but Tiato produced a great meatball with it.

Icing on the cake for Tiato is the parking meters around it go free after 6!

                               2700 Colorado Ave, Ste 190 Santa Monica, California

taco bar 

Candy bar 

vegan pickled pineapple sushi 

soup dumpling 

taco bar 

Rice cracker "taco"

garlic noodles 

Sriracha meatballs 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tail O' the Pup Starts it's LA Return as a Food Truck

Tail O' the Pup is a piece of a forgotten Los Angeles. For a time, LA used to use giant novelty buildings to promote/catch the eye of LA passerby (Google the binocular and the tamale buildings.)

Yes TOTP is a giant hot dog. A giant chicken wire and concrete hot dog that has many devoted fans.

The owners behind Killer Shrimp decided to buy the recipes and the hot dog and bring the entire LA institution back.

While the home for the giant hot dog is finished (early 2017) TOTP has been reborn as a food truck.

What can you get? Well they have a lot of the classics you would find at the stand but the menu has been seriously updated. You can get your dog veggie or turkey.

While it will be exciting to eat hot dogs from a giant hot dog the ones from the food truck will hold us over til the stand opens.

flat top burger

veggie dog 
onion rings

chili fries

classic hot dog 
chili dog 

Monday, October 3, 2016

This Isn't Your Parents Acapulco

Acapulco is not known for its daring cuisine. 

The chain is trying to come to terms with new foodie demographics and its target audience being more educated about the foods of Mexico and Latin America. 

Acapulco Downy is the test ground for what could be the new menu for the entire chain. 

What can you expect at Acapulco's in the future? Spit roasted pastor tacos, poke tacos, and bacon rubbed corn could be at your local location. 

The pastor tacos work. Honestly they are better than 70 percent of the stuff you will find in LA. and you can tell serious effort was made to make them right. 

The bacon street corn is basically crack if you love street corn/bacon. I highly suggest you try this if you decide to head down to Downy and you love these two items. 

As of now this menu is just for Downy but I expect you could see it soon elsewhere...

9021 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA 90241

pastor taco


poke tacos

coconut drink

Steak and bacon dusted street corn 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Westwood's Best Dessert Spot Just Opened

Westwood is not a neighborhood you think of eating wise when it comes to Los Angeles. You may need to rethink that with New York's The Tuck Room  coming to Wilshire's iPic. 

Sherry Yard (of Food Network fame) is Tuck Room's Exe Chef. Being the best baker on Food Network means that this spot is a must try for desserts. 

Don't get me wrong. The steak here is cooked well and the chicken is great. 


Sherry is famous for a reason. She didn't even want attention to her simpler desserts like her macerated strawberries and vanilla ice cream. The fact is its one of the best sundaes I have ever had even in its simplicity. 

 What could be better than  the sundae? What about a red velvet pavlova with crispy vanilla meringue, red velvet raspberry chunk ice cream and whipped cream? 

I think the most amazing part is that these desserts don't cost 20 dollars. 

10850 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 

ribeye with rainbow carrots 

Ice cream with macerated strawberries 

Ma and cheese fries 

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel 

red velvet pavlova crispy vanilla meringue, red velvet raspberry chunk ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce

turkey burger

black n blue pot pie farmers market black & blueberries, flaky puff pastry, blackberry crumble swirl ice cream

deep fried ruben balls 

crab cakes

Thursday, September 1, 2016

LA County Fair Food Sneak Peek 2016

The LA County Fair is here tomorrow! Before you go check out some of the deep fried, baconed....and...more deep fried? Options you have for the fair this year!

As a official partner of the fair this year we got a sneak peek of some of the food offerings. 

The fried chicken inside a waffle on a stick is the sure to be big winner of this years fair. Made by fair food master Chicken Charlie's its sure to get people looking at you in envy while you walk the fairgrounds. 

The things I think you should look out for? The fried buffalo sauce is pretty good....but the deep fried s'mores covered in chocolate and bacon will be the biggest head turner. You may want to take an extra lap around the fair after eating that! 

1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768

fried chicken and waffles

deep fried buffalo sauce

deep fried bacon smores

bacon wrapped chicken 

turkey tacos 

deep fried pizza

jalapeno cheese chips 

Eating Around So Cal is a offical LA County fair partner.