Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Solita Tacos and Margaritas Opens in Valencia

There's now another reason besides roller coasters to drive to Valencia . Solita Tacos and Margaritas  is a small boutique chain thats doing careful expansion across Southern California (look for OC locations.) With an upscale Mexican menu expect dishes like tacos, grilled meats, and street food dishes.  Solitas does some dishes extremely well. Honestly they made the best mushroom taco I have ever had. Its so good that I would pick it over meat options. Other great dishes include Duros (fried dough pinwheels) these are a Mexican street snack and Solitas puts a few in every one of their chip bowls. I would ask for all these every time. If you don't feel like having mushrooms the Chile relleno here is an upgrade from a typical taqueria. It has a great blend of cheeses and isn't overly eggly batter wise. If you do go don't forget to get those Duros.

                                            24201 Valencia Blvd #3470, Valencia, CA 91355
queso skillet (melted cheese )

Street corn 

                                                                  Duros a fried cracker street food 

Chile relleno

mushroom tacos 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Santa Barbara's Nikka Fish Grill Opens in Pasadena.

Santa Barbara's Nikka Fish Grill has opened in downtown Pasadena. They have taken over the old Kal's Bistro spot (arguably one of the nicest restaurant spaces in the city). The menu is focused on fresh fish dishes. Theres a lot of grilled fish options to choose from.  Their specialty is their fish soups like the Jambalaya, and hot pot soups like the Cajun Steamer (fish, crab, clams etc.)  With Pasadena not having many other seafood options Nikka's may become quite popular.  My suggestion? Try the Jambalaya. 

 43 E Union St, Pasadena, CA 91103


Cajun Steamer 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brick Smokehouse Blows Up LA's BBQ Scene

 Brick Smokehouse  is not what you think of when you think Venice. Its on a quiet street minutes from the hustle of Venice's boardwalk and Santa Monica downtown.  Its a small space thats open for dinner only in a spot that looks like a neighborhood watering hole. Its also producing some of the best BBQ in Los Angeles. 
 Chef Glen Rogers is making definitive California BBQ borrowing elements from various schools of BBQ he likes. Rogers uses a blend of woods for his meats (this is uncommon in BBQ) to smoke and you will find ingredients like blueberries and chipotle in his BBQ sauce.  I am going to say that the BBQ sauce here didn't do much for me. I like a spicy sauce with an aicd kick myself. That being said the BBQ here isn't some chain crap. If you call yourself a BBQ lover you need to try this without any kind of sauce at all and savor the effort that went into cooking the meat.  Cuts I really enjoyed were the ribs, tri tip, and brisket. Their  mac and cheese is the best I have had at a BBQ restaurant in LA. Seriously if they offer a special with cheese sauce, meat and starch jump on it. Hopefully they can expand to lunch service one day soon. 

826 Hampton Dr, Venice, California 

Meat sampler 

 Chef Glen Rogers

Side sampler 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Gets the IE's Second Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes has opened in Rancho Cucamonga. A shop offering an alternative to cupcakes, NBC has franchises around the state. Rancho is the second Inland Empire location for the chain. Owner Anh Le loves the IE and wants to get the more upscale bundt cake into peoples hands. With a daily menu with 9 flavors and a rotating seasonal flavor theres plenty of options. Personally I enjoy the seasonal pumpkin flavor. 

7325 Day Creek Blvd Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739

Owner Anh Le

Friday, November 14, 2014

LA Weekly Sips & Sweets Sips & Sweets is Coming! Ticket Giveaway.

We are giving away a pair of passes! Comment on our wall on Facebook with your favorite Holiday tradition! One person will randomly win. 

- LA Weekly's holiday event Sips and Sweets presented by Keurig
December 7th, 2pm - 5pm
- At The Majestic Downtown + The Reserve
- Sips include: 
     - Michael Lay of Faith and Flower
     - Robin Chopra of Corazón y Miel
     - Danielle Crouch of Caña Rum Bar
     - Darwin Manahan of PUNCH
- Shopping includes: 
     - Gustus Vitae
     - Few Bits 
     - Objects with Purpose
     - Middlebar
- Sweets include: 
 - Nicole Rucker of Gjusta 
     - Hans Röckenwagner of Rockenwagner Bakery
     - Margarita Manzke of Republique
     - Zoe Nathan of Huckleberry