Friday, October 24, 2014

Ribeye and Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Join Bonefish Grill for Their Fall Menu

Bonefish Grill only has two locations in Southern California but if you happen to be near one and you love pumpkin as much as I do you need to go try the new Pumpkin Crème Brûlée thats part of their new Fall menu. Its easily one of the best Crème Brûlées I have had in recent memory and to top it off it lets me endlenge my pumpkin craziness that is a Fall tradition. Other items Bonefish has added to their menu include a ribeye steak, Bang Bang shrimp (a sriracha and aioli covered fried shrimp) flatbread, and a swordfish and pumpkin ravioli dish. The shrimp here are like popcorn shrimp on steroids. If you like sriracha and shrimp most likely you will like the Bang Bang shrimp dishes here. But seriously try the Crème Brûlée while you can. 

                                                     Locations in Northridge and Costa Mesa 
Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Ribeye steak 

Bang Bang Shrimp Flatbread 

Swordfish with pumpkin ravioli 

All photos by Fan Haung

Monday, October 20, 2014

Paul Martin's Fall Menu Lands.

Olive Garden and Red Lobster should be worried. Paul Martin's is a relatively new chain restaurant that could easily fool you into thinking it was a hot new independent restaurant downtown. They have opened their Thousand Oaks and Rancho Cucamonga locations this year along with a few others including Irvine. Paul Martin's new Fall menu is very tight. One page menus make me very happy usually because the chances everything used will be fresh is much higher. Like most cold weather menus this Fall menu at Paul Martins is filled with hearty meats and starches. You can get a great ribeye cooked perfectly with mashed potatoes. Or you could get a Hoisin marinated pork chop (think of hoisin as Chinese BBQ sauce) which has been soaking for 24 hours. From the sampling of the menu I had the only thing I thought didn't hit the mark was the mac and cheese which had too much nutmeg for my liking. If you go make sure to tell me what you thought!

                                                         Locations across Southern California. 
Grilled ribeye with mashed potatoes 

Salt and pepper wild prawns 

Hoisin grilled porkchop 

Nutmeg infused mac and cheese 

Housemade vanilla bean ice cream 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Cardamom An Upscale Indian Restaurant in Mid City Opens Today.

Cardamom is an update on  India's Oven, a relatively well reviewed casual Indian restaurant in Mid City. With an updated more upscale space and a new menu Cardamom is looking for a more upscale market. The dishes are focused around grilled meat dishes. My suggestion? Try the grilled shrimp. 
7233 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90038 

Grilled spice rubbed shrimp 

Lamb samosa 

onion bhajis and crab/lobster cakes 

Chickpea/potato dumpling with a tamarind shooter 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Luxe Sunset Launches Their Fall Menu

Luxe Sunset  just debuted its new Fall menu. Chef Olivier Rousselle has moved away from the lighter menu he had for Summer in favor of a heartier menu heavier on starches and meats. While that may seem funny due to it still being around 80 most days hey more meat is always a good thing in my eyes. The biggest standout for me in the Fall menu was the zucchini soup with smoked trout. Chef Rousselle actually told me this soup would be vegan without the trout. Its smooth and creamy and makes me want to try making a soup myself to see if I can get the creaminess he does out of zucchini. The trout adds a rich smoky flavor that just makes it a soup you will remember. Other than that the lamb chops here are perfectly cooked. I would have liked a little more spices or some kind of rub but I know the chef has to appeal to wide demographic range. Overall a nice date spot in Bel Air. 

                                           11461 Sunset Blvd Los AngelesCA 90049
Beef  carpaccio

Zucchini soup with smoked trout 

Spicy crab cake. 

Lamb chop with purple yam. 

Berry creme brulee 

Chef Olivier Rousselle

Monday, October 13, 2014

Eqeko Peruvian Tapas Opens in Downtown Santa Ana

You would not expect Eqeko to be in Santa Ana. While the dining scene in Santa Ana has improved considerably in the past few years (Playground, Little Sparrow) theres been a lack of fresh Latin restaurants that aren't Mexican. With its minimalist decor and its tight tapas style menu Eqeko is bringing some new flavor to the OC dining scene. With Peruvian style tapas theres a lot of citrus and seafood along with a perhaps surprisingly to some  mildly spiced dishes. Prices are very affordable. Theres nothing on the menu over 10 dollars. The beef and raisin empanadas and the mixed fried seafood with yucca (its kinda like a potato) were the favorite dishes of the night. Get some friends share some plates and keep this gem going . 

 309 W 3rd St Santa Ana, CA 92701
The chefs at Eqeko

Chicken slider 

Peruvian tamales 

beef empanadas 

Fried seafood and yucca 

Sweet potato and seafood ceviche