Saturday, August 11, 2018

Spoonfed is a Small Oasis in Hollywood

 I'm not a fan of Hollywood as a neighborhood. I said it. Yes there's stuff I like a lot but its the kind of place that if you spend too much time in you are bound to get frustrated.

So that's why I'm telling you about Spoonfed. Opened recently, Spoonfed is tucked away in a corner of Hollywood known for movie production more than tourists.  Its carved out of corner of a business center so if you go after 5 or a weekend you are sure to get away from the noise that is Hollywood.

Spoonfed is a little of everything. They sell food gift items for their Hollywood neighbors. They have a coffee bar...and one room is actually a fully stocked regular bar. Hell there's an entire case dedicated to giant cakes.

So needless to say you will probably find something here to fit you. The food here works too. This is probably one of the few places in LA you are going to find made to order potato chips...and most likely the only place (let me know if you see this somewhere else) clam dip (its the owners recipe.)

Me? I suggest you try the Chicago/Italian beef sandwich. Its definitely one of the most serious versions I have had in LA.  I would not turn down a giant cake slice though.
Italian beef

Chicken wings

Big Middle East Plate

Blue cheese balls 

The owners favorite clam dip 

                                         959 Seward St, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Maybe the Best Churro You WIll Ever Eat

I go to dozens of new restaurants a month. 95 percent of the time? I never go back. But occasionally I get a place I obsess about. Spots where I am torn between sharing and keeping the lines down for myself...Don Churros Gomez is one of those places.

It's just a truck parked on a quiet corner of Anaheim like so many other roach coaches in So Cal but for people in the know it's a magical places. Don Churros is producing a product at a level that as of now is pretty hard pressed to be touched.

While the truck might be new the recipes have existed in same state with the family for decades. It's a little surprising to learn that the recipe is supposedly vegan (I would guess the sugar being commercial white sugar may be processed with bone ash thought) seeing as this churro meets every standard a churro needs. They are crispy, chewy, without being dense. They say the process is a three day one for the dough and I believe them.

When you go there (and you really should) take time to watch these guys make churros. It's a detailed process with a lot of steps. I would say to try their El Don Churros which is like a cross between french bread and a churro stuffed with caramel but my heart is with the classic.

Just do me a favor and don't go while I'm in line.

                                           1475 S Anaheim Blvd Anaheim, CA 92805

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Why You Should Be in Torrance Right Now: A Foodies Guide to Torrance.

When Discover Torrance invited me to Torrance my first thought was...why? What was in Torrance? I knew it as a city that had a lot of Japanese people...something about cars and it was in the South Bay. After a weekend in Torrance I found a city that doesn't get enough credit for being a destination. 

Madrona Marsh
3201 Plaza del Amo, Torrance, CA 90503
Madrona Marsh is a little slice of nature right in the middle of this busy city. At over 40 acres its a great spot to see tons of native birds,flowers, and even frogs! Admission is free and its a place you can go with just about anyone. 

Torrance Bakery 
1341 El Prado Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
Torrance Bakery is doing things old school because that's what works. One of the oldest bakeries in LA they make hundreds of cakes a day from scratch. Some of their recipes are decades old. You can get cakes donuts and even sandwiches from this baking institution.  

Torrance Farmers Market.
 2200 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501
Farmers Markets just don't seem as fun as they should be anymore. But the Torrance Farmers Market is a foodies dream. Oysters from the esteemed Jolly Oyster, artisanal mushrooms, strawberries from the famous Harry's Berries (Wolfgang Puck is a fan.) Eat some various grilled meats while looking around.  

Del Amo Fashion Center
3525 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90503
As much as I would like you cant eat ALL the time. So having one of the biggest malls in America right n the heart of Torrance is pretty convenient. With two virtual reality arcades, tons of restaurants, and a movie theatre there's plenty to do while digesting. 

 1261 Cabrillo Ave #100, Torrance, CA 90501
The owner of Madre will tell you that he makes the best Oaxacan food in LA. But that's for you to judge. They do make some mean grilled meats and the chrozzio cheese skillet is a must try. Looking to try something than your usual beer? Madre has a huge selection of artisanal Mezcal's (a Mexican liquor) that they get from the brewers themselves. 

Din Tai Fung
3525 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90503
Din Tai Fung is the king of dumplings in LA and this is one of their newest branches. Specializing in soup dumplings you can actually watch them make the dumplings from a window inside! You can get anything from truffle to crab and pork but I suggest trying a simple pork soup dumpling splashed with black vinegar for a beginner. 

Get Shaved
1790 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90501

With Get Shaved I'm cheating. I have been following this truck since it opened and have actually been to this location once or twice...and maybe three times while I was here for my trip. They take SHave Ice very seriously here. Ice sliced paper thin. Housemade syrups. It all results in a product better than anything you will find besides on the Hawaiian Islands themselves. 

Brazilian Plate House
4509 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503

Maybe its just me but Brazilian food can be...hard. If you want to eat it and you don't want to pay a small fortune for a all you can eat meat dinner well your options are very limited. Plate House fixes that issue. Making Brazilian food from family recipes you can get brazilian cheese bread (which is seriously addicting) one ball at a time wont eat just one though. 

Mitsuwa Marketplace
21515 S Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

Mitsuwa might be my happy place in Torrance. In fact I think I could have spent my entire weekend pretty happy here. Besides a large grocery store they have a food court, a candy store, and a bakery. You could indulge in a ton of Japanese food that's better than most of what you will find in LA. In fact the ramen and tempura stands are a little famous on Yelp.

Torrance Beach 
Torrance has one beach and this is it. Its a beautiful small beach right on PCH. There's a lot of photo opportunities with the paths and gourgou rocky cliffs. If its too cold to swim you can play volleyball and watch the kitesurfers. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

La Puente is Home to LA's Newest Underground BBQ

La Puente is not know for much. A vaguely Hispanic suburb of Los Angeles for most. So coming out to a random street in La Puente at 9pm may feel odd. Standing around you may notice that Sunset is pretty much deserted at this time save for a few taco trucks looking for customers.

You see it first and then the smell hits you. Eric has arrived. Coming in his truck with a hitch carrying his custom BBQ platform, Eric is part of LA's changing street food demo. It's not all about tacos anymore. 

Get up.close to the action and it's a sensory overload. Oak Wood Smoke has big lit up BBQ letters cutting through the darkness. It's not quiet near the stand with orders and hustling going around. At the center is Eric the owner who quit his car salesman job to do BBQ full time. The man never stops moving, pulling briskets, chopping ribs, or scooping sides from his huge smoker. 

This is clearly a work of passion and Eric has devoted fans despite being pretty new to the game. Customers will.ask if it's your first time and make recommendations. The BBQ itself doesn't fallow a particular style. The brisket is fatty and the ribs are served dry. Who knows you may see Oak Wood Smoke in a fancy food hall soon.