Monday, May 2, 2016

Eat With Your Eyes: Sonoma Wine Garden

Welcome to our new monthy series where we embrace the beauty that is food porn. With warmer weather about to hit us soon why not brunch by the beach? Sonoma Wine Garden  has a relatively hot new Chef in Patrick Florendo. Natural sunlight plus beautiful food? Time to break out Instagram. 

395 Santa Monica Pier #300, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hotel Fullerton's Spring Menu is a Celebration of Natures Bounty

Chef Zach J. Geerson cooks like hes on Next Iron Chef. With Spring he has shifted most of his menu and is trying to get the people of Fullerton to try a few new things. 

There's a lot of greenery on this menu. Expect green tomatoes, herbs, and young vegetables to show up in unexpected ways. 

My suggestion? Try the goat cheese gnocchi. Its a sure fire win on IG and in your stomach. 

1500 S Raymond Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831 

Lamb porterhouse with goat cheese 

Goat cheese gnocchi 

Pork ribs with green tomato jam 

Monday, April 25, 2016

First Look Donut Bar San Diego's New Bar and Expansion

It would be hard to find a man who gets more excited about donuts than Chef Santiago Campo owner of San Diego's world famous  Donut Bar. A smile comes to his face when he mentions how Donut Bar flew past the donut trend and they still have lines around the block every morning.

Despite making donuts every day to capacity, Donut Bar has been know to sell out regularly before noon. Well soon that wont be an issue anymore.

Donut Bar has acquired the space next door and expects to finish it in a month or so. Expect gourmet beer pairing, a glass viewing area upstairs, and lots and lots of donuts.

The entire place will be changed with the new addition being blended into the original building.  Campo says they will have a lot more room for merchandise also.

It's a good thing they are expanding because their new item for Summer is a donut cone stuffed with soft serve that's been a craze in Europe. Campo may need to buy a third neighbor to keep up.

                                                 631 B St San Diego, CA 92101

Bar space 

Friday, April 22, 2016

San Diego's Most Colorful Taco Spot is Coming to Irvine!

Irvine is about to get a little San Diego flavor. 

Puesto, a colorful taco shop in San Diego has a storefront in Irvine  in the Los Olivos Marketplace that has its sign up and some exterior work.

With handmade tortillas and exotic taco fillings Puesto may give some LA tacos a run for their money. 

Hopefully for the people of Irvine they open fast.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Howlin Ray's Brings Nashville Hot Chicken to Los Angeles

A little piece of Nashville has landed in LA. 

Howlin Ray's one of LA's best food trucks opens its brick and mortar in Chinatown Today at 11am for its soft opening. 

Run by couple Johnny and Amanda Chapman Howlin Ray's is LA's first hot chicken restaurant named after Johnny's Dad. 

What's hot chicken? It's a Nashville tradition where fried chicken is soaked in a hot oil loaded with spices. 

The result is the messest, hottest, fried chicken you may have ever had.  I would say its early to say but if it keeps its standards up this is easily one of the best places for fried chicken in LA.

If you are a chicken when it comes to heat don't worry Howlin offers a plain fried chicken option. 

Go early because this place will have lines out the door soon and is bound to be one of LA's hottest restaurants.

                                        727 N Broadway #128, Los Angeles, CA 90012