Friday, May 8, 2015

Neal Fraser Opens New Fritzi Dog Location in DTLA

Fritzi Dog isn't a treat just for the Westside anymore. Fritzi Dog Neal Fraser's gourmet dog concept that they describe as " made from prime cuts of anti-biotic and hormone-free meat with no added nitrates" is now open in DTLA. If you are looking for lunch Fritzi Dog DTLA is open for lunch weekday afternoons. You can get the entire Fritzi Dog menu with the addition of the the smokey snappy a new smoky pork sausage (and my favorite thing on the menu sausage wise.) Non sausage wise? The garlic tater tots with crispy fried garlic and roasted garlic aioli are pretty addictive on their own. Add a Mexican coke to your order and you got yourself a great lunch.

                                         214 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Friday, May 1, 2015

Belgium Waffle Haus Takes Granada Hills by Storm With Waffles.

Granada Hills is a neglected part of Los Angeles when it comes to LA's thriving foodie scene. Really when was the last time you have heard of anything happening out there? Well a new waffle place may be taking LA by storm soon and its coming from a former Starbucks in a strip mall in sleepy Granada. Owner Alex Kim has taken a small former Starbucks and transformed it to house his new passion project. A gourmet Liege waffle shop. What is a Liege waffle? Its a waffle that uses a special sugar pearl that when heated gives the waffle a fantastic texture and flavor profile.  Kim has tweaked the recipes with his own ideas from what he learned studying under waffle experts in Europe.
So what can you expect to find at this little shop? They don't have a kitchen...or a vent system so besides waffles nothing here is hot. Most of the menu is waffles but they do have a coffee program that shows great promise with Kim wanting to expand. Waffle wise both the savory and sweet waffles are winners. I really enjoyed the goat cheese waffle with balsamic (I would ask if you could get the unsweetened balsamic) its a nice contrast between the pungent strong goat cheese and buttery yeasty waffle. Kim has big expansion plans and just changed the hours for Granada Hill location so they are open late now. Who knows. Soon you may have a Belgium Waffle Haus in your hood.

                                 18100 Chatsworth St. #E Granada Hills, CA 91344 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dolcenero Gelato Brings the Flavors of Italy to Downtown

Gelato still is a rarity in  Los Angeles. I mean metropolitan wise we are pretty sad even ice cream wise...but again this is about gelato. If you find gelato in the wild in LA the chances its "the good stuff" is pretty rare. Making gelato the right way costs, is time consuming, and its just a process not many people are willing to do in a city where everyone wants to get somewhere quicker.
Dolcenero Gelato is bringing LA's (OK more specifically Santa Monica's) gelato game up a notch. Using ingredients that a elementary school age child could pronounce to make some great flavors. Owner  Simone Acciai makes all the flavors everyday. Hes very proud of the dark chocolate sorbet. Personally I find the limoncello (lemon zest that has had the flavor soaked from alcohol) to be refreshing and a nice change from the usual lemon sorbets you might find at other shops. Dolcenero is planning its grand opening (its soft open right now) so check their Facebook for details.

                                   Santa Monica 2400 Main St A3 Santa Monica, California

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The 5th Annual Taste of the Eastside is Almost Here!

One of LA's best food events is about to come back to East LA! The 5th annual Taste of the Eastside will be on  May 31, 2015, 4-8PM. Held in the beautiful  Los Angeles River Center and Gardens there will be around 2 dozen vendors representing some of the best food LA has to offer. Oh and all the money raised goes to local charities like Rose Scharlin Cooperative Nursery School and Create LA. Its bound to be a good time. If its anything like the previous years (seem photos) you will have some great food porn to share on Instagram. You can buy tickets here

                                        570 West Avenue 26 Los Angeles, CA 90065

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jeni Wren's Cafe Opens In Claremont.

Perhaps you have been looking for a spot to take your Grandma who lives in Claremont somewhere for lunch. Jeni Wren is your answer. Recently opening in a space that for a long time housed Claremont's only Peruvian restaurant, Jeni Wren's has a simple American menu. They aren't open for dinner. Dishes here are very simple. If you go for lunch most items are sandwich based. Breakfast is composed of simple plates. I wasnt too impressed with anything at Jeni's but its built for a older female crowd who wants to sit around and chat and eat some non complicated food. Interestingly the mac and cheese is priced well and a decent sized portion. Add a little of the TabaƱero they have (a killer hot sauce) and you got a cheap meal to eat with your Grandmother/other older relative.

                                     1077 W Foothill Blvd Claremont, CA 91711