Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The First 365 By Whole Foods Opens in Silverlake Wednesday

Welcome to the future of Whole Foods. The giant cheese counter you are so used to is gone.

There's a serious lack of in house mini restaurants you may have come to know in larger Whole Foods locations.

This is Whole Foods 365. The first 365 location ever in Silverlake, Los Angeles California.

365 is a slimmed down millennial focused store. All the price tags are digital. Most of the signage is digital and is programmed to change throughout the day.  There's ipads all over you can use to personalize your shopping experience.

Gone are tall aisles (feels odd bending over to get ice cream). You can see almost the entire store from almost any point inside.

There's still hot food options. Connected to 365 is a NYC vegan concept coming in. Inside, you can order pizzas, hot dogs, and salads. There's also a coffee bar.

Whole Foods says that the pricing for 365 is lower than their traditional stores. As all the digital price tags were off I cant say anything about pricing.

I can say its worth checking out. They have the first "teabot" in the United States that makes custom loose leaf tea blends to order.

365 opens 9:00am May 25th, 2016

                                   2520 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90039

This machine is the first in the US. It brews custom loose leaf teas 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

This Orange County Chef Takes Farm to Table to Another Level

Its not often I am asked to forge for my own meal. OK...well....ever. 

Here I am on a 25 acre farm, following a man I just recently meet Chef Adam Navidi. We are there to get dinner. 

Farm to table gets kicked around a lot in the food world. Recently a few exposes have been done proving what a sham it is at some restaurants with the products coming thousands of miles away. 

Meanwhile I'm picking tomatoes 10 minutes from Navidi's place in Yorba Linda. We need a lot of them and I guess I'm good at picking cherry tomatoes (or free labor). 

The farm which uses aquaponics is nothing short of amazing. Navidi is growing almost everything he needs for his restaurant  Oceans and Earth   here. Some produce uses 1/10th the water needed than conventional growing methods. 

Using a system where fish provide the nutrients for the plants, Navidi's farm has almost no waste. No harmful chemicals. Everything gets used. If you go to his restaurant you can eat one of the tilapia he raised himself at the farm as fish and chips. 

The man can cook too. Navidi is a old hippie who just so happens to be talented with food. Some of his cooking techniques are unusual but in the end they work. 

Everything at Oceans and Earth is gluten free. Most everything is organic. Navidi tries to go for natural so much he actually owns a stake in a ranch where he sources some of his meats. 

What should you try here? Well nothing seems to be bad. Navidi apparently changes the menu frequently. 

Seafood really shines here. I was told the excellent pan seared sea bass is so popular there would be rioting if it was taken off the menu. 

Really Oceans and Earth is worth going to try and get a little of Chef Navidi to rub off on you. It makes you think a little more on your impact on the world. It's just a plus that you can do it in a delicious way. 

                                            20305 Yorba Linda Blvd., Yorba Linda

the farm 

Chef Adam 

Some of the fish being raised on the farm

Gluten free burger

Inside burger 


Skirt steak on a hot rock

Seared scallop 

Duck with mustard green puree

Seabass with basil mashed potatoes

crab croquette

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We Ate Every Taco at Trejo's Tacos. Plus What's Next for the Menu!

Trejo's Tacos may be famous for actor Danny Trejo's involvement but it has a hidden purpose, making Los Angeles eat a little healthier.

So....don't expect quesadillas anytime soon.

What you can find is a menu that tries to be a little different and a little more waist line friendly (and a fried chicken taco with a lettuce wrap.)

So what things should you try at TT?

Well the standouts for me were two things. The white shrimp tostada and the street corn.

The Mexican white shrimp used on the tostada shows the quailty TT's is going for. There's no need to bury these beauties under a heavy batter and deep fry them.

The street corn is a refined street corn. On the streets on LA a good street corn is usually a boiled ear with a inch thick layer of mayo. TT's uses a charred corn to add complexity and sweetness without loading up on calories from cheese and mayo.

What's next for Trejo's? Well do you like burritos? Be on the lookout.

                                          1048 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019
pineapple water 



street corn 

Slow roasted pork (carnitas)

beef brisket 

Black pepper tofu 

Grilled Jidori chicken

steak asada

White shrimp tostada

fried Jidori chicken